Become an Employer of Choice by Offering Encompassing Health Benefits to ALL your Employees

Employers who offer Encompassing Health Benefits are providing the GOLD STANDARD for health benefits to their employees. Encompassing Health is for the employer who cares about all their employees, from part-time and seasonal workers to full-time workers with major medical.

The Gold Standard For Employers

Encompassing Health is a Section 125 Group Hospital Fixed  Indemnity Insurance that prioritizes preventive health. This program does not disrupt or replace any Major Medical Plans. It is purely an enhancement of your current benefits for all employees. Benefits are at no net cost for employers or employees. This program addresses Recruitment, Retention, and Revenue concerns that employers may have.

Focus on health before it becomes a health insurance issue

Encompassing Health is for ALL employees, whether seasonal, part-time, or full-time. Encompassing Health is at no cost for employees. All your preventative care appointments, are covered at no cost to you. Annual checkups, mental health services, Rx discounts, vision screenings, and more.


  • Full Overview of the Encompassing Health Program

    How much does Encompassing Health cost? What are the benefits for you and for your employees? All this is covered in our initial session.

  • Who is Encompassing Health

    Discover what benefits & services we provide. Join us for a Powerpoint presentation and ask any questions

  • Review initial Demographic Census

    We’ll go over your employee census and show you all Encompassing Health can do for your workers.

  • Next Steps

    You clearly see the value for you and your team, we are ready to get your company started!

Program Testimonials

“Encompassing Health was implemented in February 2023 through auto enrollment. This process was extremely smooth and allowed us to immediately start savings payroll taxes as well as give our employees a streamline access to preventative healthcare program.”

“Implementing the Encompassing Health program was extremely easy and the benefits were recognized immediately! A large population of my employees did not have access to benefits before this program. Now nearly all of my employees have access to amazing benefits. This has greatly helped out my ability to recruit and retain employees. I am truly thankful for the Encompassing Health Program.”

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